white amber mala

108 bead amber mala for meditation White opaques amber beads are Ø6 mm size. Two additional beads as always.   https://www.etsy.com/listing/598657136/no10-white-with-yellow-108-amber-mala


Today we’ve created white&gray amber mala: 108 beads, bead size Ø6 mm (+/- 0,1mm). Luxurious, authentic and unique – white amber is the MOST precious form of baltic amber. This amber appeared 40 mln. years when we were in some other our incarnations :) White&gray amber is also very soft, you can really feel it. […]


108 black lava stone mala for medtitation. Hand made golden colour baltic amber stupa/guru bead and two amber beads in both 27th bead positions. Diametre of beads Ø8,5 mm Another black lava stone mala with amber+turquose+lapis lazuli beads is available here – follow link #ambermala