Quince inspiration – autumn softness, colour and light

Quince (or svarainis in lituanian), the real autumn fruit, was great inspiration. In nature even little plant has all spectrum of shades. Yes, we can say quince is yellow, but which yellow? How many yellows i can see in one fruit? is it only yellow?

So, like quince the twin amber malas have various shades of yellow-white amber in the same set.

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Those of us who have colour intuition could find 5 shades of natural amber mala in the same 108 circle.

And – i think – it’s beautiful. Mala is realy unique, no chance to duplicate it. It’s like iris of eye :). One mala – small sister – goes to a good friend. Another mala – big sister – is waiting for you. Mala comes from the white-yellow baltic amber colour spectrum (8-9, see the colour pallete ).

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