108 bead mala for everyday meditation practice. Colour #2, diametre of beads is Ø8,5 mm. Two additional beads as always.

Stupkalnis stupa 2020

You are more than welcome to support the stupa construction in Stupkalnis retreat centre (Lithuania). In addition to financial, we need various assistance: physical assistance, starting with assistance in the preparation of Stupa filling (mantrarolls, tsa-tsas, etc.) and ending with the excavation work on the site; informational support; simply good wishes :) You can contact […]

white amber mala

108 bead amber mala for meditation White opaques amber beads are Ø6 mm size. Two additional beads as always.


Today we’ve created white&gray amber mala: 108 beads, bead size Ø6 mm (+/- 0,1mm). Luxurious, authentic and unique – white amber is the MOST precious form of baltic amber. This amber appeared 40 mln. years when we were in some other our incarnations :) White&gray amber is also very soft, you can really feel it. […]


108 black lava stone mala for medtitation. Hand made golden colour baltic amber stupa/guru bead and two amber beads in both 27th bead positions. Diametre of beads Ø8,5 mm Another black lava stone mala with amber+turquose+lapis lazuli beads is available here – follow link #ambermala