What is so special about amber malas? Amber malas are extremely beautiful, warm, and pleasant to use. Malas are made of genuine Baltic amber with a personal touch – stupa/guru or set of two main beads (different names for the same thing) are handmade individually for each mala.

The process of mala making

Why do amber beads have “dust”, “particles”, and “scratches” inside? 
Well, because it is natural parts of amber which is – in fact – 40 mln. years old pine resin found in blue clay in the Baltic Sea. Those particles are probably turf, sand, and microscopic particles of plants.

What are recommendations – how to use amber mala?
Amber is still breathing and interacting with the environment, so amber colour may change over time, this is expected and contributes to the unique, intensely individual nature of amber. To clean your amber mala, use a soft flannel cloth dampened with clean lukewarm water. You should dry your amber, lightly polish with clear olive oil, and then remove any excess oil and restore the polish with another soft cloth.

Remember to be careful when cleaning or wearing amber mala – amber is a soft gemstone and can be scratched.

Custom or personalized orders. If you would like to order custom made mala (special size, colour or other important details), please contact us – urte@amber108.com

Exceptionally beautiful XXXL size amber mala – an example of custom order

Worldwide shipping. Our friends from more than 50 countries worldwide use our malas or offer them as gifts to lamas, family members, and, of course, friends :)

Usually, we ship your orders within 3-5 working days, and it takes about 1 week to reach the destination in Europe, and 2-3 weeks overseas (for example, US, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, Colombia, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia). But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.
Fast shipping services (e.g. FedEx, DHL) are also available.

Returns and exchange details. The general rule is that we can’t accept returns for custom or personalized orders. But also we understand that sometimes our clients want to change their mala because of bead size or colour. If it is so, please let us know and we will find a solution.

Baltic amber mala team is based in Lithuania, Baltics, Northern Europe

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