The younger asked the elder, “if one wants to swiftly become enlightened, what is the best method?”. The elder one said, “train yourself in arousing bodhicitta”. (The heart of compassion, 2006) — 108 bead baltic amber mala with golden hand made tassel. Diametre of bead is Ø7 mm Amber colour nr3 Free shipping. Sold. But… click […]


108 bead baltic amber mala, diametre of beads is Ø6mm. 7 amber colours in one mala – from transparent white to deep dark. Elastic stretchy transparent thread. Two additional beads as always Sold. But… click here for more


Hand made 108 bead mala for everyday meditation practice. Colour #5 and beads are round yet with edges which make the mala shine. Diametre of beads is Ø6,9 mm. Two additional beads as always. Free shipping.